Your NFC West roster fix right here

The Seattle Seahawks have more players drafted under Brad Childress, who never coached for the team, than were drafted under Mike Holmgren, who coached the team for nine seasons. This is Pete Carroll's team, in other words, and the chart shows to what extent.

Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson are the Seattle players drafted under Childress, the former Minnesota Vikings coach. Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant are the current Seahawks left over from the Holmgren era.

Rosters will go through another round of changes when teams reduce from 90 to 53 players on Aug. 31. In the meantime, I've updated and made available for download my 26-column rosters for each NFC West team.

Draft Choices by Original Head Coaches

The second chart shows roster counts by position for each team.

The Arizona Cardinals have added three offensive linemen and two defensive linemen since early June, headlined by the free-agent signings of Eric Winston and John Abraham. They've dropped two at wide receiver (notably Ryan Swope), one at linebacker (O'Brien Schofield), and one at running back over the same span. Coach Bruce Arians recently indicated the team does not plan to add a running back despite injuries at the position. That suggests the team isn't worried about Rashard Mendenhall, who has missed time recently.

2013 NFC West Roster Counts on Aug. 13