On Mike Thomas' addition to Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals go three deep at wide receiver with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts. Cornerback Patrick Peterson gives them another inviting option, while developmental wideouts such as Kerry Taylor have flashed ability on occasion.

2010-2012 Mike Thomas Stats

The depth outside the top three remains unproven during the regular season, however. That could explain why the Cardinals reached an agreement Tuesday on a contract with recently released Detroit Lions receiver Mike Thomas.

Thomas, 26, spent his first four-plus seasons with Jacksonville before Detroit acquired him by trade during last season. He has 62 receptions over the past two seasons after setting a career high with 66 in 2010.

The chart shows Thomas' receiving and rushing totals over the past three seasons. The Lions acquired him from Jacksonville and had plans for him. Recent reports suggest Patrick Edwards had outperformed Thomas in camp.

NFL teams are carrying up to 90 players on their roster, including more than 10 wide receivers in some cases. The best ones have jobs, in other words. Some of the available ones might benefit from a change of address. The Cardinals will find out whether that's the case with Thomas, a 5-foot-8 receiver with 77 of his 128 receptions over the past three years coming from the slot.

Thomas also has some experience as a returner and as a runner out of the backfield.