No surprise: Fisher laughs off USC rumors

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- In this morning's edition of the Ram-blings, we discussed the rumors that USC has Rams coach Jeff Fisher as a "favorite" for a potential job opening they might have.

And by discussed, I mean we offered up every reason possible that it won't happen. Fisher was asked about it Wednesday afternoon and, to no one's surprise, Fisher laughed it off and quickly shot it down entirely.

"That's just absurd," Fisher said. "They're rumors."

When first asked about USC, Fisher was quick to make a joke.

"I thought you were talking about South Carolina because they came close to beating Georgia last week," Fisher said, a grin creeping across his face. "They played pretty good."

Fisher obviously has a good situation in St. Louis and going back to college at this point in his career is clearly not in his game plan. As I mentioned in the Ram-blings, I'm sure USC would love to have Fisher should they part ways with Lane Kiffin. Based on Fisher's comments, it appears that love is unrequited.