Three things revisited: Rams-Cowboys

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Looking back at three things worth watching from the St. Louis Rams' St. Louis Rams' 31-7 loss against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

1. Better start

The Rams had made a habit of getting off to poor starts in the first two games of the season but took the idea of a slow beginning to new heights Sunday.

In an opening half that could be categorized as nothing short of dreadful, the Rams had 18 total yards, gained one first down and failed to score. Things weren’t much better for the defense as it allowed 202 yards, 12 first downs and 17 points.

That the Rams were trailing by less at the half than they were last week in Atlanta was about the only positive that came from the first 30 minutes.

2. Something’s gotta give

Entering the game, the Rams' defense was tied for worst in the league on third down, allowing opponents to convert nearly 52 percent of the time. Dallas’ offense wasn’t much better, converting just 30.8 percent of its opportunities.

Logic said one said would have to improve and, no surprise based on the result, it was Dallas. The Cowboys converted 5-of-11 third-down opportunities as they did essentially whatever they wanted on offense.

The Rams offense was actually the biggest culprit of third-down miscues, as it converted one of its 13 opportunities.

3. Pushing the pace

All the discussion this week about the Rams turning up the offensive tempo was for naught as the offense showed only flashes of the no huddle and even those flashes only appeared after they had fallen way behind.

The result was a bland offensive showing that put the Rams in a hole and never really showed signs of life. When all was said and done, the Rams had just 232 yards of offense and most of that came late in the game after it was decided.