Wilson: 'I want to be great one day'

RENTON, Wash. -- After the 41-20 victory over Minnesota Sunday, Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson made this comment:

"Every day, my goal is: 'Can I be better than I was yesterday?'" Wilson said. "That's my mindset and I really think it helps. I want to be great one day."

Psst. Hey Russell, here's a little secret. You already are.

Wilson is a big reason the Seahawks have reached the bye week with a 10-1 record. In fact, it's scary to think where the team would be without him. Wilson does so many things well, but one of his top assets is the fact he's an equal-opportunity passer.

Wilson is going to get the football to the man who can do the most for the offense on that particular play. It makes no difference who that person might be.

"The thing about Russell is that he always finds the open guy," Seattle tight end Zach Miller said Sunday. "He doesn't play favorites. Whoever is open, he's getting it to them. He such a smart football player and makes such good decisions."

Wilson had 13 completions in 18 throws Sunday, including two touchdowns. Those 13 completions went to eight different receivers.

"That's what we want to do," Wilson said. "We want to make it tough on the defense to figure out who to cover. Now we've added Percy Harvin to the mix. If you don't know who to cover you can't lock down on guys. That's an advantage for our offense. My goal is to facilitate the ball to the right guy and the right time. That's the biggest thing. If it's my first read, second read of third read, just trust it. Trust what I'm seeing."

Even with Harvin finally on the field, the Seahawks aren't going to make one receiver the focus on their offense. That's not what Wilson does and not what the coaches want him to do.

Wilson has completed 176 or 275 passes (64 percent) for 2,362 yards, 19 TDS and only six interceptions. And he did it most of the season with a patchwork offensive line because of injuries, causing him to scramble and improvise more than he wanted. All the starters were back Sunday.

"I think he's right where we want him," Seattle coach Pete Carroll said Sunday of Wilson's play this season. "He's doing everything we want. He's playing great football."

See Russ, even Coach Carroll says so.