Cards crack top 8 of Power Rankings

If there was any question about the best division in football, one look at the ESPN.com's post-draft power rankings should provide all the answers.

Three of the top 8 teams are from the NFC West -- No. 1 Seattle, No. 3 San Francisco and No. 8 Arizona.

The Cardinals made serious headway in closing the gap between themselves and the Seahawks and 49ers during free agency, but adding a hard-hitting safety and big tight end through the draft may have made the race for the NFC West title even closer.

Cracking the top 10 months before the season was no easy task, especially when the non-West teams above them include Denver, New England, New Orleans and Green Bay. This is unfamiliar territory for the Cards but a testament to the work Bruce Arians has done. And pending no season-altering injuries during OTAs, minicamp or training camp, the Cardinals are expected the start the season somewhere among the top 10.

Then it's up to them to stay there.