Some revealing comments from Pete Carroll

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had a lot of interesting comments at the town hall meeting Wednesday night. Here are a few things that stood out:

On the rivalry between him and San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh: “I think Jim’s a great coach. I watched him in college and I've watched him San Francisco. He’s done a fantastic job and molded a style of play to be a big force in our division. And we love beating him.”

On NFC West rivals: “Honestly, we don’t look at our opponents as rivals. I don’t want one game to be bigger than another game or have a different feel to it. That issue can change you. Over the long haul, it’s way more valuable to be disciplined about it. It’s that day, that game and that’s it.”

On offensive tackle Russell Okung asking Carroll to run a tackle-eligible play for him this season: “I’ve seen Russell try to catch the football. I’ve seen better hands on a clock.”

On whether the Seahawks will throw the ball more this season: “Don’t expect us to throw the ball 50 times a game That’s not who we are. If we have to, we will, but in general, we are going to run it down their throat. We close the loop on toughness by running the football. We want to be as physical as any team you have to play. We are an absolutely committed running football team.”

On what they try to do with each player: “We are relationship-based style to our coaching. We will do whatever we can to make them the best they can be. It doesn’t matter where they come from. It’s who they are now and what can we find in them that we can draw to the surface.

“What do they have that’s unique? We don’t have a philosophy of, ‘Do it this way or get the heck out of here.’ We do it which way will help you do it best and help us become a great football team. We keep building on the strengths and uniqueness of the people in our program.”

On the team’s expectations this year: “We are trying to recapture the work ethic and mentality that it takes for us to play our best. If we play the best we can play and draw that out one week at a time, I like our chances.”

On the increasing national popularity of the team: “The Seahawks have four of the top 10 selling jerseys in America.’’

On former Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson: “Mike’s getting close to the end and I hope he gets another chance to play. If we had the opportunity we would bring him back, but we think we’re moving on. I would love for him to coach football someday and we’ve talked about that.”

On what he tells the coaches he hires: “I promise our guys I will help them get the job of their dreams.”

On outside linebacker Korey Toomer: “He looks like the hottest guy in camp right now.”

On the 12s: “It is your team and we get that.”