Kevin Williams sees more from less snaps

RENTON, Wash. -- Kevin Williams is a six-time Pro Bowler who was a workhorse at defensive tackle for 11 years in Minnesota. He will turn 34 in August.

Williams had a plan when he agreed to a one-year deal with the Seahawks last week. He knew it was time to make a change if he hoped to continue to play at a high level a little longer.

"I looked at some stats about a month ago," Williams said after his first Seahawks practice Tuesday. "I had like 700 snaps last year and nobody on the D-Line here even touched 650. It's an awesome chance to get in and play a limited number of snaps and maximize the ability I have."

Williams noticed that every player on the Seattle defensive line was fresh and playing full speed throughout the playoffs and the Super Bowl because no one played more than 60 percent of the snaps.

"They are doing some great things with a bunch of young guys," Williams said. "So it's a chance to play in a great rotation at the defensive line. I think it's the best fit for me. If I'm playing 500 plays versus 700 plays at this age, I can definitely still get after the quarterback."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is thrilled to have Williams, who signed a deal worth $2 million for the 2014 season.

"We talked to Kevin for a really long time throughout the offseason," Carroll said. "We have tremendous respect for the person he is, the competitor he is and the leader he is. We feel very fortunate to add him to our team."

Williams (6-5, 310 pounds) believes he can do more by playing less at this point of his career. Carroll helped convince him it was the way to go.

"He's a big man that plays tough," Carroll said. "We want him to play good, physical football for us like he always has. We're not going to ask him to do anything different than what he's done."

They're only asking him to do it on fewer plays, which could prolong his successful career a little longer.