Cowboys keep Percy Harvin in check

SEATTLE -- Percy Harvin, the Seattle Seahawks' most explosive player, had a zero contribution to the offense on Sunday in the 30-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Actually, it was less than zero. Officially, Harvin had three receptions and three carries for a total of minus-1 yard.

The Cowboys were ready for everything the Seahawks tried on plays to Harvin near the line of scrimmage. And maybe that's the problem.

The Seahawks didn't attempt to throw the ball to Harvin deep downfield. Most of the time, they tried to get Harvin the ball near the line of scrimmage and let him use his talent to make a big play out of it.

That didn't work against Dallas. The jet sweep didn't work, hitch passes didn't work and a run up the middle didn't work. The Dallas defense was there to stop Harvin in his tracks every time on plays that had worked so well earlier this season.

It appears opposing teams are starting to figure it out on what the Seahawks are trying to do with Harvin offensively. Defenders are crowding him at the line of scrimmage every time he touches the ball, which was noticed by Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson.

"They were right there, hustling to the ball," Wilson said of the Cowboys' defenders swarming Harvin.

Why not let Harvin use his blazing speed down the sideline a few times to keep the defense honest, if nothing else?

Harvin did not talk to reporters after the game. He did have one nice kickoff return of 46 yards to the Seattle 42 in the first quarter. But the Cowboys were not afraid to kick to him and the Seahawks started at their 21 or worse on his four other returns.