Sackless in Seattle, but will it change?

RENTON, Wash. – The sacks have been few and far between for the Seattle Seahawks this season, with only seven sacks in the first six games.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll believes it’s going to get better for two men the team is counting on to bring pressure: defensive ends Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.

Avril has only one sack this season and none in the last five games. Bennett has three sacks, but none in the last four games.

“These guys have rushed really hard and been very aggressive,” Carroll said of his starting defensive ends. “I’ve looked at every one of their rushes and situations and I think we’re going to count on those guys to continue to do what they’re doing and try to help around them."

Carroll said earlier this week that the team will make changes this week to try to improve the pass rush. He was a little more specific about it Wednesday.

“We’ve got to get Mike active inside and get him to be the disruptor that he can be,” Carroll said, hinting they might use Bennett on more snaps as a defensive tackle. “We need to help him with some stuff there, some stuff scheme-wise we’ll tweak here and there.

“Those guys are bringing it. In my mind it’s going to happen and we’ll just keep working until it does because we know it’s there.”

Both Bennett and Avril are playing more snaps than they did last year. Bennett played 90 of the defensive snaps at St. Louis. Does Carroll believe it causes them to tire late in games?

“No, no I don’t," Carroll said. “Their effort has been really good and they’ve shown good conditioning. We haven’t overplayed those guys. We’ve just played them more than we did before. It’s really a percentage of plays that we’re talking about, so we’ll see if that factors in our favor.”

Bennett believes the sacks will come.

“It’s one of those things," Bennett said Wednesday. “There are a couple of sacks we should’ve made. It is what it is. We just have to get back to make sure we’re making those plays we used to make. There’s no excuse. We’ve just got to get there.”