Learned something new on scheduling

The interaction we enjoy here on the NFC West blog keeps us all sharper, and especially me.

The earlier item about 2010 NFC West opponents provides the latest example. I was looking into the scheduling rotation last week. The initial rotation covered the 2002 through 2009 seasons. I wanted information about 2010 and assumed the rotation would revert to 2002 form.

The league spokesman I contacted referred me to the latest Record & Fact Book. Jim Thomas' item on the Rams' opponents reminded me to check on the information. The Record & Fact Book indeed listed those 2010 opponents, plus information about scheduling rotations with the NFC East and NFC North.

The book showed the Seahawks facing the Chargers at home and the Broncos on the road. I published the information as it appeared. Almost immediately, Seatrainer11 used the comments section to challenge the information, noting that the Seahawks should be at home against the Broncos and on the road against the Chargers in 2010. Facebook friend Elston Cloy II made the same point, and the logic indeed seemed sound.

In double-checking with the league, though, the information was correct as originally presented. The Seahawks face the Chargers at home and Broncos on the road in 2010, same as they did in 2006. How could this be? According to the NFL, the rotation evens out every 12 years, not every eight years, because three divisions are rotating.