One bad play won't change Russell Wilson's financial future

PHOENIX -- The play that will live in Super Bowl infamy is going to haunt quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks forever, but it won’t keep him from becoming one of the highest paid players in the NFL later this year.

The Seahawks have about $111.9 million committed in cap dollars next season, according to ESPN Stats & Info. Even with the cap expected to jump up as much a $10 million to $143 million in 2015, the Seahawks will have cap issues to address.

First is the likely contract extension for Wilson that will place him among the league elites in wealth, probably averaging more than $20 million a year. Wilson’s cap hit for 2015 is $953,519, but he’s eligible to renegotiate his rookie deal, and he will.

The interception on the 1-yard-line that sealed the 28-24 victory for the New England Patriots won’t have any bearing on Wilson’s new deal. Yes, if the Seahawks had won the game Wilson would have become the only quarterback in history to win two Super Bowls in his first three years -- a nice thing for his representatives to say in negotiations. Wilson, however, is in position to receive a $100 million deal, anyway.

He ran the play that was called Sunday night, an inexplicable slant pass into traffic on second down with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. An older quarterback, like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, probably would have heard the play and said: "We aren’t doing that," and checked out if it. Even Wilson might have called timeout to discuss it if the Seahawks hadn’t been down to their last timeout.

Sunday was first time in Wilson’s career the Seahawks lost a game after leading by at least 10 points in the fourth quarter. They were 18-0 in those games. And the interception was the only pick thrown from the 1-yard line by any quarterback this season.

It was a horrible end to a remarkable season, but as far as Wilson’s financial future, it won’t change a thing.