What Rams should do with first pick

The Rams appear likely to emerge from Week 17 with the No. 1 overall choice in the 2010 draft.

What should they do?

"It's tough because you want a quarterback," Steve Muench of Scouts Inc. said during our conversation earlier Tuesday. "I'm not sure there is one you would want to take right there."

Muench likes Oklahoma's Sam Bradford very much -- quite a bit more than he likes Jimmy Clausen -- but not enough to take Bradford first overall amid a few lingering questions.

"Bradford is not Matt Ryan," Muench said. "He has the potential to be Matt Ryan in terms of the good arm, really smart, cerebral quarterback who could quickly adjust to the NFL. But Matt Ryan did not have the questions Sam Bradford has. He played in more of a pro-style offense at Boston College and didn't have the shoulder injury in his senior year."

Muench's answer for the Rams: Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh -- the best prospect at the position he can recall evaluating, although Suh still needs to develop as a pass-rusher.

"He has the strength of a 330-pound guy with the quickness of a 295 guy," Muench said. "His arms look like tree trunks. One of the first things I look at are how quick are their hands and how quick are their feet. He has really violent hands. He is tough. Even if you get into position on him, do not expect to stay there long. When he slaps an offensive lineman, that offensive lineman is off-balance and going whichever way he wants him to go."

The Rams have reached high for defensive tackles in the past, with poor results. Jimmy Kennedy, Damione Lewis and Adam Carriker come to mind.

"There were questions on those guys," Muench said. "You try never say this, but Suh is as close to a lock as you can get. It's not only what you see of what he can do. Throw on any game and you will see the same kind of effort and technique and ability on every play. Consistency is a big deal and he is as consistent as they come. This guy wants to play every snap if he can."

The Rams could certainly use such a player as they rebuild their defensive front seven for coach Steve Spagnuolo. Suh would probably come cheaper than a quarterback, and he might make a more immediate impact if the scouting reports are right.