Jared Goff 'open' to switching baseball allegiance from Giants to Dodgers

LOS ANGELES -- As a native of Novato, California, about 30 miles north of San Francisco, new Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff has long been an unabashed fan of baseball's San Francisco Giants.

Last year, Goff was even seen on television catching a ground-rule double that one-hopped to him in the left field bleachers in a Giants-Braves game, and he's been known to tweet his thoughts on the team.

While Goff's arrival in Los Angeles will come with plenty of fanfare and support, the fanbase clearly finds Goff's choice of professional baseball teams unappealing, at best. That's because L.A. is obviously Dodgers territory and the Giants-Dodgers rivalry is one of baseball's oldest and most heated.

"I have gotten a lot of grief about that already, don't worry," Goff said.

At least one Dodger star welcomed Goff to Los Angeles.

Over the course of the next few months, Goff will have plenty of things to worry about, including making the transition from an offense that had him in the shotgun or pistol formation more than 99 percent of the time to one that was in those formations the fewest times of any team in the NFL in 2015.

Which means baseball probably won't be at the forefront of his mind. But that's not stopping Goff from at least leaving the door open to make the transition from the black and orange of the Giants to the blue and white of the Dodgers.

If nothing else, Goff already showed some savvy in the pocket when asked about that possibility.

"We'll see," Goff said. "That's what I just told the fans, I said we'll see. It's going to be kind of a growing process, we'll see what happens. I'm open. I'm not going to shut it down."

Goff's father Jerry spent small parts of six seasons playing catcher for the Montreal Expos, Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros after he was picked in the third round by the Seattle Mariners in the third round of the 1986 draft.