Pro Bowl could welcome these four players

A quick look at how a few NFC West players could find themselves named to the Pro Bowl this year:

  • Kurt Warner, Cardinals QB. He is the second alternate behind the Eagles' Donovan McNabb. McNabb will be named to the NFC squad when either Brett Favre or Drew Brees advances to the Super Bowl. Warner would be named to the team if Favre or Brees withdrew from the Pro Bowl after losing in the NFC title game.

  • Antrel Rolle, Cardinals FS. He is the second alternate behind the Saints' Roman Harper. If the Saints advance to the Super Bowl, safety Darren Sharper would withdraw from the Pro Bowl. Harper would also make himself ineligible. Rolle would then earn Pro Bowl honors, although injuries might also prompt him to withdraw.

  • Sean Morey, Cardinals special-teamer. Morey is the first alternate. He would replace the Vikings' Heath Farwell if Minnesota advances to the Super Bowl.

  • Justin Smith, 49ers DE. Though Smith plays end in the 49ers' 3-4 defense, he qualifies as an "interior defensive lineman" in Pro Bowl balloting. He would be named to the game as a second alternate if the Vikings advanced to the Super Bowl. Minnesota's Kevin Williams (starter) and Pat Williams (first alternate) would withdraw.

Full Pro Bowl rosters with injury replacements here.