Reading between lines on Rams hire

Rams great Jack Youngblood was among those blasting the team for firing longtime trainer Jim Anderson.

The Rams never explained the move, presumably because they didn't want to say anything negative about an employee who had served the team honorably for many years.

But if you read the news release announcing Reggie Scott's hiring as Anderson's replacement, it's clear the Rams wanted a younger trainer to connect with a new generation of players.

The news release drove home the point with quotes from Panthers receiver Steve Smith and Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers. Smith's quote lauded the Rams' new trainer for a "young, fresh and modern approach" to the job while describing him as "forward thinking" and someone who makes players feel "comfortable" with their treatments.

Peppers' quote said Rams players would "benefit" from Scott's presence.

That's quite a bit of hype for a trainer. I think the Rams were sending a message to their players by addressing what they perceived to be a bit of a problem -- in a way that focused on what they saw as a solution.