Few old running backs around here

Jamal Lewis, LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook had one thing in common when their teams released them this offseason.

Each was 30 years old.

Edgerrin James was 30 when the Cardinals released him last offseason. Shaun Alexander was 30 when the Seahawks released him.

No current halfbacks in the NFC West are older than 28. Fullbacks Dan Kreider (33 next month) and Moran Norris (31) are the division's only 30-something running backs. Another fullback, Seattle's Justin Griffith, turns 30 in July.

Seattle's Julius Jones (28) is the oldest halfback in the division. Frank Gore and Steven Jackson are 26. Justin Forsett is 24, Tim Hightower 23 and Beanie Wells 21.