Arizona-to-Miami pipeline about to gush?

Editor's note: This item first appeared on the AFC East blog.

INDIANAPOLIS -- Arizona Cardinals general manager Rod Graves made some comments at the NFL scouting combine that should catch the attention of Dolfans.

Graves spoke about three Cardinals the Miami Dolphins could use: receiver Anquan Boldin, linebacker Karlos Dansby and safety Antrel Rolle.

Boldin is under contract, but the Cardinals could trade him.

Graves fielded offers for Boldin last year, but wasn't motivated to deal him. This offseason should be different. Boldin is entering the final year of his contract and practically has begged the Cardinals to trade him for a year.

"Our approach with Anquan is really the same as it was last year," Graves said. "We will look at all the options and exploring and ultimately doing what is best for the team. From our perspective, nothing has changed. We still view Anquan as a valuable member of our football team, and we will weigh the options through the offseason and do what is best for our team."

As for Rolle, the Cardinals are hoping to work out a new contract. He's due a $4 million roster bonus next week with a base salary of $8.1 million. They might release him instead.

"We're going to try hard to get a contract in place with him before we have to make a decision about his contract," Graves said. "If not, we will continue to work with him and treat him as if he is a free agent we are pursuing.

"We've always been under the impression Antrel wanted to remain an Arizona Cardinal," Graves said. "We have been able to develop him and we have seen him develop into an outstanding player and we want to keep that relationship going.

"We're not looking to lose quality players, but again, all of those decisions have to make sense to us from a team standpoint. Obviously, he is a top priority."

Dansby's situation is much different. He will hit free agency on Friday.

Dansby would fill one of the Dolphins' primary needs at inside linebacker and listed the Dolphins among the handful of teams he would like to play for. He led the Cardinals with 113 tackles and recorded one sack, five tackles for losses, one interception and one forced fumble.

Graves sounded resigned to the fact Dansby would be playing elsewhere in 2010.

"We'd like to have Karlos back as a member of our football team, but it has to be a situation that makes sense for us," Graves said. "We have a lot of areas to address, and it has to be a situation that fits for us. We can't keep them all.

"Obviously we will come in with 53 players. I don't mean to be short about that, but we hope to replace him with equal quality or better."