Thoughts on Tebow, Seahawks

The Seahawks' interest in working out Tim Tebow may or may not convey meaningful interest in drafting the Florida quarterback.

No one knows how early or late NFL teams might select Tebow in the draft. Teams with a need at the position should learn as much as they can about him. Again, it's premature to suggest the Seahawks have real interest just because they want to know more about him. But this indicates they're at least curious.

My thoughts earlier: The Seahawks already have a veteran starter in Matt Hasselbeck and I question whether the could justify taking an early round flier on such an unpolished quarterback. General manager John Schneider does believe in drafting quarterbacks somewhat frequently, an approach that sometimes worked for the Packers when Schneider was in Green Bay. With Seattle needing to rebuild its lines on both sides of the ball, and with the offense lacking every-down playmakers, selecting Tebow might be a luxury the team can't afford.