Vick confident he could help Rams

Michael Vick's appearance on 101ESPN St. Louis produced a few comments worth passing along as the Rams consider their options at quarterback.

Vick remains under contract to the Eagles and it's unclear if the Rams will pursue him, but general manager Billy Devaney -- quick to shoot down other rumors -- has done nothing to discourage the idea that Vick could be a possibility. Vick, for his part, said he thought the challenge in St. Louis wouldn't be too big for him.

"I'm not saying it out of arrogance but out of confidence," Vick told the radio station. "I think I can be the difference maker on any team, especially a team like the St. Louis Rams, who need a lot of help and will get it based on their ownership and the general manager they have who is a great guy and I know from Atlanta. I just think bringing the right pieces in, putting the right players in the proper positions and giving them the opportunity to win, I think premier players could turn any team around. Yeah, I’m confident I could do that."

Vick and Devaney were together with the Falcons.

"Me and Billy have a relationship that dates back to 2001-2002 and we were very close in Atlanta," Vick said. "We always talked, he always came and sat by me by my locker and he'd ask me what my thoughts were on certain things and we just always had open dialogue. I think the world of him, he’s a great guy and he’s been there for me throughout the last three years just communicating."

Vick, like recently signed veteran quarterback A.J. Feeley, knows the Rams' offense because coordinator Pat Shurmur brought it from Philadelphia.

One question to consider: Might the Rams' pending ownership change discourage the team's current leadership from making what could be seen as a controversial decision based on Vick's past problems?