As Anderson visits, what of Bulger?

Recently released Browns quarterback Derek Anderson would certainly fill a void in Seattle or Arizona, but I think the Cardinals in particular could be better off with a far more accurate passer already familiar to the NFC West.

Marc Bulger has been beaten up and beaten down during his past few seasons with the Rams. There's a chance he's finished. There's also a chance he could recover if given time to start anew without immediate pressure to carry a franchise or even start.

Some thought Kurt Warner was finished when he left the Rams after a horrible 2002 season and a one-start showing in 2003. Bulger was never as good as Warner at his best, but he was good enough from 2002 through 2006 to prove he could succeed with a strong supporting cast. The Cardinals have a strong enough supporting cast on offense to give Bulger a chance.

The problem, at least for now, is that Bulger remains under contract to the Rams. But he'll come available at some point unless the Rams improbably decide to pay him $8.5 million in salary or Bulger improbably accepts a pay reduction.

Will another NFC West team be waiting?