Seahawks betting big on Whitehurst

Charlie Whitehurst had better become more than a backup after the Seahawks paid handsomely for the Chargers' third-string quarterback Wednesday.

Seattle agreed to move down 20 spots in the second round and part with a 2011 third-rounder to acquire Whitehurst from San Diego, ESPN's John Clayton reported. The Seahawks go from holding the 40th overall choice, worth 500 points on the NFL draft trade value chart, to holding the 60th choice, worth 300 points. The 2011 third-round choice translates in value to a 2010 fourth-rounder, valued between 44 and 112 points.

A pick in the middle of the fourth round would be worth about 70 points. That means the Seahawks are parting with 270 points in draft capital to make this deal. The final pick of the second round is worth 270 points.

The price is a bargain if Whitehurst turns into a good starter for the Seahawks after signing what is expected to be a two-year deal worth up to $5 million annually. With other teams trading quarterbacks for a discount, the Seahawks are betting on Whitehurst to become a meaningful addition. They also faced competition from Arizona, which probably drove up the price. Not having a 2010 third-round choice also limited their options somewhat.

Assuming Matt Hasselbeck remains in place, this move could diminish the likelihood of the Seahawks drafting a quarterback in the first round. At the very least, it says the Seahawks do not see a quarterback worth drafting early after Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen come off the board.