What Porter brings to the Cardinals

Joey Porter's addition in Arizona, announced by the Cardinals, provides depth and possibly a quality starter at a position of need.

PorterPorterPorter has 26.5 sacks over the last two seasons. He had 9.0 for the Dolphins last season, but they reduced his playing time and released him. Porter gives the Cardinals another defensive player with swagger. We'll see what kind of mentor he makes for young outside linebackers Will Davis and Cody Brown.

"I guess Porter could sort of be a bridge player until one or both are ready," Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. said when we recently discussed the idea of adding Porter. "He is inspirational and well-liked by teammates. He could have some leadership skills. But he is not nearly the player he was. I thought his play was just above average even when he had all those sacks a couple years ago. He played against some bad tackles. But if you are the Cardinals, you have to stop the bleeding. At least he brings in something that helps."

The fit could be good because Ken Whisenhunt and other Cardinals coaches were with Porter in Pittsburgh. At the very least, Porter gives the Cardinals a needed situational pass-rusher and some flexibility heading into the draft.

"It is exciting on many levels," Whisenhunt said in a statement released by the Cardinals. "Two areas that come to mind are his productivity on the field, (because) getting 26.5 sacks over the last two years is pretty impressive, especially considering last year with not even playing a full season. Also, the mentality he brings, it’s something we have made great progress with as a team. Having another veteran player, who has had great success in this league, to contribute to that will only help us in an area defensively where we want to improve."