Mora's bitterness not helping cause

Jim Mora admitted during his latest radio interview Monday that he tends to get too comfortable with hosts, leading him to say things he regrets.

MoraConsider this the latest instance.

Mora sounded upbeat during the interview, but his bitterness came through more than once. No matter how justified some of his bitterness might be, Mora needs to show more restraint if he hopes to enhance his credibility and possibly become a head coach again.

Mora took issue with team owner Paul Allen for never calling him after the firing. He blamed the team's director of public relations for letting him speak too much at news conferences. He couldn't recall the first name of new general manager John Schneider. He said the Seahawks had told guard Rob Sims he would not be back. He even downplayed the team's decision to acquire Charlie Whitehurst from the Chargers.

Mora: "I had no idea who Charlie Whitehurst was until there was talk about him, I'd never heard of the guy. Then I was reminded that he was the guy that threw the interception to Nick Reed in the preseason. I don't know much about the guy. Obviously they saw something in him and think he can he successful. I have some friends on the San Diego staff, and they're feeling pretty darn good about the deal."

This was another example of Mora providing provocative sound bites at his own expense.

The Seahawks have apologized for their unfortunate handling of Mora during the coach's final days with the team. It's time to move on.