Bold move to win the division?

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. offered another idea for the 49ers relating to the ongoing conversation as to whether the team should pursue Donovan McNabb.

I left a message for Matt earlier Thursday. He left a message for me with his thoughts -- and it was clear the prospect of McNabb in a 49ers uniform appealed to him.

Williamson: "I like it. Obviously, they just signed David Carr, so it doesn't add up. But it's an uncapped year. It would be an extremely proactive, aggressive approach that to me would firmly put them as the No. 1 team in the division. And that is enough for me to say, 'Give it a shot.' Sign him to a three-year deal or something along those lines.

"Maybe you've got to move somebody. Can you get somebody to bite on Alex Smith? Does somebody else want David Carr? It's a little hairy in that regard, but on the field, it adds up. I think it would be great.

"Maybe McNabb's greatest strength is that he doesn't turn the ball over and that would really bode well with Mike Singletary. That offense needs some leadership. They are pretty young at all the prominent positions and he would bring that experience. He would help Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, all those guys along.

"The question is, 'What do you give up? My guess is Philly would not take San Francisco's second-round pick. And if I'm San Francisco, I don't think I'd give them either of the first-round picks. I look at San Francisco on draft day with those two first-round picks and I think they need to do everything possible to leave that draft with one of the top offensive tackles. I don't think one of the top three guys is going to be there for their first pick in the draft, so if I'm them, I use that first pick and something else to package a deal up to go get a stud offensive tackle prospect.

"If you can do that and still get McNabb, that's all I would want out of the draft. That would be plenty. If you can use the resources at hand to more or less get you that, then I'm fine with it. But if it stops you from getting that stud right tackle prospect, then I have a problem. And I'm not sure how the compensation would be worked out."

Let's think through Williamson's idea and assume the 49ers would need to move from No. 13 to No. 7 for a shot at one of the top three offensive tackles. The trade chart says they might get there by sending the 13th (1,150 points) and 49th (410 points) picks to Cleveland for the seventh (1,500) and 105th (84) picks. The Browns are rebuilding. Perhaps they would want the extra picks.

The 49ers could then trade the 17th pick (950) to the Eagles for McNabb and the 55th (350) or 70th (240) picks. McNabb's value would either be 710 points (between the 25th and 26th choices) or 600 points (same as the 31st overall selection).

The 49ers would emerge with McNabb, the seventh pick, the 55th or 70th picks and the 105th pick instead of the 13th, 17th and 49th picks. And, in Williamson's estimation, they might be on their way to an NFC West title.

Fun stuff to think about.