Pro Bowl draft picks since 2000

Steven Jackson is the only Rams draft choice since 2000 to appear in a Pro Bowl.

That is bad.

The chart shows NFC West draft choices since 2000 with Pro Bowls on their résumés, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Pro Bowl counts include appearances made for teams outside the division.

For example, 2001 Seahawks draft choice Koren Robinson earned Pro Bowl honors as a return specialist in Minnesota. Thomas Jones never did much for Arizona, but he blossomed elsewhere.

Niners draft choice Julian Peterson earned Pro Bowl appearances with Seattle and San Francisco, but he's listed with the 49ers because they drafted him.

The Cardinals drafted a division-leading nine Pro Bowl players. Their first-round choices averaged 11th overall during the decade.

The Seahawks drafted seven Pro Bowl players. Their first-round position averaged 20th overall.

The 49ers drafted six. Their first-round position averaged 18th overall.

The Rams averaged 17th overall in the round with a range of very early and very late selections.

Pro Bowl draft choices since 2000