Graves: Cardinals could move up

Derek from Flagstaff was on the right track when he asked during the most recent chat whether the Cardinals might be a candidate to trade up in the draft, or whether they might be content with their current picks. My answer then:

The Cardinals have a high degree of confidence and trust in Steve Keim and their personnel people. They also have two third-round choices. That means they have additional flexibility in considering whether to trade up in a round.

Cardinals general manager Rod Graves touched on the same subject during his news conference at team headquarters Monday.

"I think it is a good chance," Graves said about moving up. "Well, I shouldn’t say a good chance, but I think that it is not out of the question. I think with the extra third-round pick that we have, we talked about the flexibility that that could offer us in moving up if we chose to. Obviously, if we choose to do that for one reason or another, then we are better equipped to make that decision this year than I think we have been in years past."