What J.P. Losman means for Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks' decision to sign former Bills quarterback J.P. Losman gives them three veterans heading toward training camp.

It also could spell the end for Mike Teel, the third-string quarterback left over from the Seahawks' previous leadership.

Losman's addition upgrades the situation at quarterback, at least on paper, even though no one should expect him to seriously threaten for a starting job. The Buffalo Bills picked Losman, 29, during the first round in the 2004 draft.

College scouting reports on Teel questioned his mobility, which made me wonder this offseason whether he would fit into an offensive system valuing quarterbacks with the ability to move. Losman has 103 carries and a 4.7-yard average with three rushing touchdowns, but his career has been in decline since he passed for 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions during the 2006 season. Losman spent last season with Oakland and attempted only one pass.

Losman's surroundings have contributed to his struggles. Buffalo and Oakland have churned through coaches and faltered repeatedly. The situation in Seattle should be better for Losman.