Tackling down Pat: Willis, Kerney surest

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders has put together an interesting piece for Insider looking at the NFL's best and worst tacklers.

Tackles are an unofficial stat because their interpretation is subjective, but most of us know a missed tackle when we see one.

The Seattle Seahawks' Jordan Babineaux and the San Francisco 49ers' Dashon Goldson ranked among the 12 worst in missed tackles.

The 49ers' Patrick Willis was the best tackler among linebackers, no surprise if you've watched him play. The Arizona Cardinals' Karlos Dansby, now with the Miami Dolphins, was also among the best. The Cardinals' Adrian Wilson ranked among the best tacklers at defensive back. The Seahawks' Patrick Kerney and the 49ers' Justin Smith were the only defensive linemen to record at least 40 tackles without missing one.

Kerney, as a 4-3 defensive end, was measured by how well he rushed the passer. He was a very sound tackler, however, and probably didn't get enough credit for that.