Dockett knocks 'em dead during chat

Darnell Dockett's playful side made his recently completed ESPN chat even more captivating than I would have expected.

The Arizona Cardinals' Pro Bowl defensive lineman can laugh at himself and he isn't afraid to laugh at others. Throw in the way he plays -- not only at a Pro Bowl level, but with obvious passion -- and there's a lot to like. If he crosses the line occasionally -- think online showers -- that's the price of admission to the most entertaining show in the NFC West.

Dockett chat highlights

On whether the team had tried to lure Kurt Warner out of retirement: "No, I don't think Kurt Warner searches for the attention like Brett Favre. I think Kurt will tell us ahead of time if he is going to play with us and not pull a circus act and tell us two weeks before the season. I think Kurt gives us more respect than that."

On whether he would switch places with Albert Haynesworth: "No. Too many egos and selfish players on that team."

On the toughest and easiest quarterbacks to sack: "The toughest QB to sack is Ben Roethlisberger. The easiest QB to sack is Ben Roethlisberger if you can catch him in a bathroom stall."

On life after football: "I wouldn't mind being a sports commentator. Having my own segment, working for ESPN, my own talk show. Part time trainer. Part time car mechanic. Part time Sprint cell phone salesman. Part time car washman. Grocery store baggage man. Football coach. Model. Actress. Stripper. And I even have dreams of being the next crocodile hunter."

On his contract situation: "I'm waiting like Rip Van Winkle."

On why he said hockey would be his next choice as a sport to play: "Because they actually allow you to fight without getting fined."

Dockett, who has taken offense to Jim Rome's characterizations of him and declared his love for Oprah Winfrey, closed with this: "Please don't judge me. I love you all. One day Jim Rome will let me on his show. Until then, I'm going to play basketball in Connecticut on ESPN. My crush for Oprah Winfrey still exists. We are now in the process of going through relationship counseling. I look forward to having a successful season trying to win our third straight NFC West title."