A thought on Packers' financial data

NFLPA president Kevin Mawae entered the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks, so I'll use that distant NFC West connection as cover to address the subject of the day.

Mawae makes an understandable point when he looks at the Packers' recently released financial data showing shrinking profits and says, "It's 1/32nd of the financial information we've requested in response to their demand that we give back $1 billion and increase our risk of injury by playing two additional games."

But if the Packers' information showed profits rising by significant chunks each year, you can bet Mawae and the NFLPA would be far less interested in context. They would be holding up the information as evidence owners have gotten too greedy.

Some owners do face financial challenges. The St. Louis Rams' Chip Rosenbloom is selling the team primarily because he couldn't afford estate taxes following his mother's passing. If owning an NFL team ensured massive profits, Rosenbloom would presumably have the resources to stick it out.

Also: Former Packers executive Andrew Brandt offers thoughts on the latest report.