More than two-team race in NFC West?

Looks like putting "Mike Singletary" and "Cards" in the same headline gets people talking.

While diving into the 200-plus comments on the item with Singletary's thoughts on Arizona, I ran across a note from crabman82 seconding my thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks as expressed to 710ESPN Seattle earlier Tuesday.

Those thoughts lead off this nearly 40-minute block available on the 710ESPN website, including my pick, when pressed, for how many victories the Seahawks are likely to post in 2010.

Earlier Tuesday, I spoke more broadly about the NFC West with KNBR's Damon Bruce. You can find that conversation a little more than halfway through this audio block.

Bruce asked whether the Week 1 game between San Francisco and Seattle could showcase the two best teams in the division. I pointed to the 49ers and Cardinals as those teams, but it was interesting to me that someone following the division would put Seattle in that category. The Seahawks' last two seasons have removed them from most of those conversations, but there isn't a sure-fire team in the division. There are surprises every season in the NFL and a Seattle victory in the opener would affect perceptions.