Retirement wise for ex-Card Sean Morey

RENTON, Wash. -- The Seattle Seahawks are minutes away from beginning their first training camp practice under coach Pete Carroll.

Veteran receiver Sean Morey will not join them. Morey, 34, has told the team he plans to retire. He'll be remembered by NFC West fans for his years as a special-teams standout and occasional fourth receiver for the Arizona Cardinals during their most successful seasons.

Morey suffered from multiple concussions during his career. He has become a spokesman for concussion awareness and agreed to donate his brain to science upon his death. Stepping away now ensures Morey will not suffer additional damage as an NFL player. It also reflects a youth movement in Seattle and the potential realization that Morey was going to have a hard time earning a roster spot.

I'll remember Morey's career for the punt he blocked in overtime against the Dallas Cowboys. Teammate Monty Beisel recovered and scored a touchdown for a 30-24 victory -- part of what would become a Super Bowl season for the Cardinals.