What's this? Optimism from Rams' offense?

LOS ANGELES --A thought on the St. Louis Rams while sitting in the airport of their former home city: It's striking to hear someone associated with the Rams' offense express optimism.

"I think this offensive unit has a chance to be very good this year," rookie quarterback Sam Bradford told reporters Wednesday, "and I think in order to do that you have to set your expectations very high."

The Rams averaged only 211 yards per game over the final five last season, when injuries to the quarterbacks, offensive line and running back Steven Jackson made the offense almost unwatchable. It's easy to forget that the Rams had 400 yards against the Minnesota Vikings and 434 against the New Orleans Saints earlier in the season. They averaged 368 yards per game over a four-game stretch in November.

This offense should improve from late last season based on improved health alone. Give Bradford some time and the potential for improvement increases further. "Very good" sounds like a stretch for now, but "very improved" appears within reach.

Programming note: I'll be setting up from San Francisco 49ers camp beginning Thursday.