Momentum building for Sam Bradford

Sam Bradford makes his NFL preseason debut against the Minnesota Vikings in the Edward Jones Dome on Aug. 14.

That less-than-a-week wait will seem much longer for St. Louis Rams fans after Bradford provided more evidence Saturday that the team could be on the right track at quarterback.

"You could almost feel the surge of excitement that Bradford's practice performance created, as teammates, coaches and fans alike watched his every throw with building anticipation," Don Banks of SI.com wrote after watching Bradford in practice Friday. "If Bradford follows up Friday's results with another boffo display of passing in Saturday night's scrimmage, look out. Bradford Fever may soon ensue in St. Louis."

Looks like it's time to look out. Bradford tossed four touchdown passes during the scrimmage.

"He was zipping the ball around pretty good," Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo told reporters afterward. "He was finding receivers; he was hitting second receivers and not necessarily the first one."

Quarterbacks should look good in scrimmages. Sacks aren't allowed and coaches can manipulate situations. In this case, Spagnuolo said he thought a couple completed passes might have been short-circuited by sacks had Bradford not been off-limits to contact. The Rams were also shorthanded at cornerback (Ron Bartell, Justin King and Bradley Fletcher were out).

Now that the obligatory disclaimers are out of the way, let's get back to the bottom line: Bradford is looking good. Rams fans should be excited.

Continued impressive play could put pressure on the Rams to name Bradford the starter for the regular-season opener against the Arizona Cardinals. That might not be the best decision in theory, but if Bradford is truly the best option at quarterback, it will be tough for the Rams to keep him off the field.

I'm headed to St. Louis for the Vikings-Rams game Aug. 14 and very much looking forward to it.