Podcast: Kurt Warner on Matt Leinart

Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner weighs in on Matt Leinart's situation, among other subjects, during his conversation with ESPN's Mike & Mike.

A few highlights from Warner's comments:

I don't know exactly the feeling within the locker room. The feeling around the community is simply that they were looking for someone to step in and do exactly what I did or our team did the last three years. It wasn't going to happen. Matt is a guy who hasn't played in a while, a young guy, still growing into the position. There was no way you can expect him to come out and do the things that I have done, especially right away.

He has been very efficient in training camp. He hasn't made a lot of mistakes. The one thing that I think people are looking at is, he has not made a lot of big plays, the impressive plays, the things that make you say, 'Wow.' I think that is the unfortunate part about it, if they have made that decision, that he didn't get the opportunity to get out there in a game, manage a game and do what he can to help them win.

The part about Leinart not making dazzling plays stands out. Perhaps Leinart has played it safe, playing not to lose his job, and he hasn't seized the opportunity in a manner coach Ken Whisenhunt wanted to see. If it were only about stats, it would be tough to find fault with Leinart's numbers through three exhibition games. Leinart has completed 19 of 23 passes -- 82.6 percent -- for 161 yards, one touchdown and a 110.3 rating.