Cardinals' trade affects Seahawks' line

The Arizona Cardinals' decision to trade guard Reggie Wells to Philadelphia helped the Seattle Seahawks land guard Stacy Andrews from the Eagles in a deal made Saturday.

ESPN's John Clayton reporteds the Andrews trade and said terms were not available.

Andrews became expendable to the Eagles after they landed Wells.

Andrews weighs 342 pounds, making him an odd fit for Alex Gibbs' zone blocking scheme, which favors much smaller guards. With Gibbs resigning from the Seahawks on Saturday, it's fair to ask whether personnel disagreements played any role in the abrupt departure.

The Seahawks were withholding their list of cuts pending league approval on the Andrews trade. But if Andrews is on the team at the expense of Gibbs' hand-picked guard, Ben Hamilton, it'll be tougher to believe that Gibbs walked away purely because he burned out.

Update: The Seahawks apparently plan to use Andrews at tackle, which would diminish the Gibbs-got-mad angle.