Bill Simmons unloads on poor NFC West

A guy with more than 1.2 million followers on Twitter dedicated more than 1,800 words to the NFC West.

Let's just say it's a good thing there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Except for one thing: Bill Simmons' solution would be to eliminate four of the eight divisional blogs on ESPN.com. He didn't phrase it that way, but with visions of a 7-9 NFC West champ preventing a 10-6 team from participating in postseason, Simmons proposes realignment into four eight-team divisions as follows:

  • AFC East: New England, New York Giants, New York Jets, Buffalo, Philly, Baltimore, Washington, Carolina

  • AFC West: Oakland, San Diego, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Arizona, St. Louis

  • NFC Central: Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Chicago, Minnesota

  • NFC South: Miami, Tampa Bay, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Tennessee, Atlanta, Jacksonville

The AFC West and NFC West would merge. This makes more sense geographically, although St. Louis and possibly Kansas City might be out of place in a division featuring mostly West Coast teams.

Arizona does have a winning record outside the NFC West since the start of last season. The rest of the division is 6-27 in those games.

NFC West Non-Division Performance Since 2009

The second chart shows won-lost records inside the division.

NFC West Division Performance Since 2009