Whisenhunt: Derek Anderson 'pressing'

Two quarterback-related comments Wednesday from Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt stood out upon reading through the transcript.

On new starter Max Hall:

I saw a guy that understood the concepts of what we’re trying to get done, managed the huddle very well, made some good throws, was quick with the ball, quick with his reads. But, a lot of that has been in practice and in preseason games. That’s a different arena. When you talk about making a decision and factoring it in, it’s hard to say, 'OK, he’s going to be able to do this in a regular-season game.' But at this point, we’re going to put him in there. Once again, I’m expecting Max to do well and I’m expecting our offense to operate. We’ll see how he does Sunday.

On former starter Derek Anderson:

What happened with Derek is he was pressing. He was trying to be perfect. A lot of that is because the standard that has been set at that position around here. I understand that. That’s a tough way to try to play that position. So that was part of the reason as to why we made this switch.

The man responsible for setting that standard, Kurt Warner, will be at University of Phoenix Stadium in Week 5 for his debut as a Fox television NFL analyst. Whisenhunt's' willingness to change quarterbacks -- from Warner to Leinart, Leinart to Warner, Leinart to Anderson, etc. -- could also contribute to a quarterback pressing.