Hit on Raiders QB costs Seahawk $7,500

Chris Clemons has emerged this season as the Seattle Seahawks' best pass-rusher.

The NFL thought he went too far when he hit Oakland Raiders quarterback Jason Campbell in the teams' Week 8 game. The league levied a $7,500 fine against Clemons for the play.

The fine amount reflected the fact that this was Clemons' third such offense in the league's eyes. The NFL fined him for unnecessary roughness twice last season.

Update: I do not recall the hit on Campbell. Clemons was penalized for another incident. The league is listing his fine for roughing the passer. I am following up.

Second update: I can confirm the league fined Clemons for a hit on the quarterback in the second quarter. Clemons did hit Campbell right after Campbell threw a deep pass with about a minute left in the second quarter. The hit did not appear particularly unusual.

Third update: The Raiders also incurred a couple fines in this game, Brian McIntyre of Mac's Football Blog notes.

Fourth update: The fine against Clemons stems from a third-and-6 play with about 11:20 left in the second quarter. Replays show Clemons running through the line and striking Campbell after a pass to Jacoby Ford.