What to expect on Beanie Wells front

Beanie Wells carried only once against the Minnesota Vikings after knee swelling caused him to miss practice time during the week.

I'm expecting Wells to play considerably more against Seattle in Week 10. The reasons:

  • The knee swelling stemmed from a rare and unexpected allergic reaction to medication. The team should be able to avoid a similar reaction this week by adjusting treatment.

  • Game situations should be more favorable at home against Seattle than they were on the road against the Vikings. The Seahawks' defensive line remains depleted by injuries. Playing at home should also make the Cardinals more comfortable putting the still relatively inexperienced Wells on the field in situations where communication can be key.

  • Wells' light workload against the Vikings gave his surgically repaired knee additional time to recover.

  • Wells' replacement, Tim Hightower, has had fumbling problems this season. Hightower dropped a third-and-10 pass in overtime when a reception might have produced a significant gain.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt addressed Wells' situation during his news conference Monday.

"He didn’t get a lot of practice during the week, and the way the game went, some of the offensive packages that we were using to attack those guys because of the way they were playing us defensively, Beanie just hadn’t had a lot of reps on," Whisenhunt said. "Had the game gone differently, had we been able to run the ball a little bit better later in the game, then some of those packages that I think Beanie was comfortable with, he would have seen more time from it."

The Seahawks' run defense has collapsed since the team lost defensive end Red Bryant and later nose tackle Colin Cole against the Oakland Raiders in Week 8. Bryant is on injured reserve. Cole remains sidelined indefinitely.