Drew Brees sees big plays vs. Seahawks

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees knows what he's talking about.

Asked about the Seattle defense he'll face Sunday, Brees mentioned the Seahawks' pass-rush ability and varied sub packages -- but only after noting that Seattle gives up quite a few big plays.

And he's right. The chart, based on data from ESPN Stats & Information, shows Seattle has allowed a league-high 18 pass plays of at least 30 yards this season. The Saints' offense has nine such plays, including two in three games since Week 6.

"They’re a team where I look at them defensively, the one thing for them negatively is maybe they’ve given up a lot of big plays, but I see their ability to get after the passer a little bit," Brees told reporters. "I see a group that plays with their front and coverage a little different. Their scheme is a little different than most teams you play. It’s something that requires extra preparation and study for."

Brees mentioned big-play opportunities one more time.

"They have a lot of personnel groups in their subpackages," he said. "Know who's on the field, where the opportunities for matchups are and maybe big plays, but you obviously have to be able to protect, pick up the pressures and take advantage of those opportunities."

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