Childress out; NFC West coaches safe?

A quick look at where NFC West head coaches stand after the Vikings fired coach Brad Childress following a 3-7 start to the season:

Arizona Cardinals: Ken Whisenhunt signed an extension through the 2013 season after leading the Cardinals to consecutive NFC West titles. His stock has fallen this season, but the Cardinals remain committed to him. Whisenhunt owns a 4-2 postseason record and one Super Bowl appearance. He'll need to fix the quarterback situation this offseason. Would he consider making another change at defensive coordinator?

San Francisco 49ers: Mike Singletary's four-year deal runs through the 2012 season. His grasp on the job appears tenuous beyond this season. The team doesn't appear to consider current assistants as head coaching candidates. That might spare Singletary from an in-season move. Then again, the team named Singletary interim coach in 2008 even though Singletary had no administrative experience. Sometimes a team has little choice.

St. Louis Rams: Steve Spagnuolo's four-year deal runs through the 2012 season. The team has made significant progress this season. Spagnuolo appears to be improving as a coach. The team has responded well to his consistent approach. The Rams' recent ownership change raised natural questions about the organization's long-term vision. How the Rams finish could matter. For now, though, Spagnuolo appears in strong position to return.

Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll's five-year deal runs through the 2014 season. The Seahawks lead the NFC West even though they are rebuilding. Carroll and general manager John Schneider seem to work well together. So far, so good.

I've heard no rumblings on the Singletary front to this point Monday. The coach was correct in calling that 21-0 home to Tampa Bay a major setback.