Where QBs rank against stacked fronts

Following up an earlier item, I've put together charts showing where NFL quarterbacks rate when throwing against eight-man boxes and loaded boxes (those where potential rushers outnumber blockers).

The first chart ranks the 12 quarterbacks with at least 20 attempts throwing against eight-man boxes. Most of these quarterbacks play for teams with top running backs.

Thanks to Allison Loucks of ESPN Stats & Information for providing the numbers.

2010 Quarterbacks vs. Eight-man Boxes (min. 20 attempts)

Twelve NFL quarterbacks have at least 20 pass attempts against eight-man boxes. The St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford ranks 11th among them in passer rating.

The second chart shows where quarterbacks rate against loaded boxes (more potential rushers than blockers).

I expanded this chart to include quarterbacks with at least 15 attempts. This allowed the Arizona Cardinals' Derek Anderson and Max Hall to qualify for inclusion.

2010 Quarterbacks vs. Loaded Boxes: Weeks 1-12 (min. 15 attempts)