Grading NFL defenses after the catch

The San Francisco 49ers tossed three touchdown passes against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

None of the passes were thrown to the end zone.

A running back (Brian Westbrook), tight end (Vernon Davis) and wide receiver (Josh Morgan) gained most of their yardage on these plays with the football in their hands.

Westbrook ran 43 yards after the catch for his 62-yard touchdown. Davis ran 29 yards after the catch for his 42-yard score. Morgan ran 9 yards after the catch for his 15-yarder.

The 81 yards San Francisco gained after the catch on those three pass plays went on the Seahawks' defensive tab. They now rank last in yards gained after the catch, on average, based on charting by ESPN Stats & Information.

The differences per team might seem small, but they add up over hundreds of receptions.

2010 Yards After Catch Allowed (per reception)