Tom Cable gives Seahawks' OL an identity

The St. Louis Rams announced Josh McDaniels' hiring as offensive coordinator just as the Seattle Seahawks were announcing Tom Cable's addition as offensive line coach.

Cable's hiring gives the Seahawks' offensive line the identity it has been seeking. The team thought former line coach Alex Gibbs might provide that identity. Gibbs retired right before the 2010 season. Cable, recently fired as the Oakland Raiders' head coach, brings a strong personality and a reputation for toughness to the Seahawks.

Cable and Gibbs were with the Atlanta Falcons during the 2006 season, so there could be some carryover. On the surface, we should expect the Seahawks to continue using zone blocking tactics, but probably with larger guards than Gibbs preferred.

Having McDaniels and Cable in the same division should be fun. Cable's Raiders ran up the score during a 59-14 blowout over McDaniels' Broncos during the 2010 season. It's easier to picture Cable working for the Seahawks now that McDaniels is headed for St. Louis instead of Seattle. Having those two together on the same Seattle staff would have been interesting, to say the least.

The Seahawks had to know this. They were presumably talking to Cable before Tuesday. That's why we shouldn't assume McDaniels was the only candidate they had in mind when they fired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates earlier Tuesday.

The Seahawks did reach out to McDaniels. They deserve criticism if they didn't have a fallback plan. It's just too early to know for sure. Coach Pete Carroll is scheduled to address reporters Wednesday. We'll have a better feel at that time.