Fresh look at Rams' Steven Jackson

Watching Steven Jackson load 20 bags of ice into his car trunk from a convenience-mart parking lot paints a picture rarely seen in the NFL.

I counted the visual among several highlights in the three-part video series entitled, "A Week in the Life With Steven Jackson."

Jackson wasn't loading up for a party, either. He was bringing home ice for the steel cold tub he uses to recuperate between games and practices. I would have envisioned a small support staff handling such things for a Pro Bowl, millionaire running back.

A few highlights:

  • Part One. Check out Jackson's routine following the Rams' 2010 road trip to San Francisco. He gets home after 1 a.m., decompresses in an ice tub and then crawls into bed under an oxygen tent.

  • Part Two. Jackson reflects on calling teammate Sam Bradford from a surgery bed, congratulating him on being the first player drafted and assuring Bradford that he would alleviate pressure from the rookie. We see Jackson and fullback Mike Karney watching Thursday night football, with Jackson working on a lollipop. "Six-foot-2, 245 pounds, 5 percent body fat ... and he's eating a sucker," Karney jokes.

  • Part Three. The doctor at the rehabilitation clinic Jackson frequents recalls his star patient walking with his body at an odd angle while playing through a herniated disc in his back during the 2009 season. Why would Jackson fight through such an injury during a 1-15 season? Jackson says he wants opponents to know he's not going to stop coming at them almost no matter how hard they hit him.

The video, produced by a self-described "digital branding agency" for athletes, was intended to cast its subject in a positive light. That doesn't necessarily make it an inaccurate portrayal. If you've admired the way Jackson has fought through tough defeats and tougher injuries, you'll enjoy this video.