How much 49ers should value a corner

Good question from Patrick via Facebook: Quarterback is the biggest area of need for the San Francisco 49ers, but in a sort "chicken-or-the-egg" debate, which is more important, defensive end/outside linebacker or cornerback? Which would you choose?

Mike Sando: If we are talking about adding a Hall of Fame-caliber player, go with the front seven. If we are talking about adding a competent starter, go with the secondary.

Specifically, the 49ers could use an elite pass-rusher more than they could use an elite cover corner. But they could use a competent cornerback more than they could use another competent outside linebacker.

Another way to look at it: The 49ers are worse off at corner than in the front seven, but not enough to offset the value imbalance of the positions if the talent is great enough.

When in doubt, help yourself up front.