Jay Feely kicking amid labor screaming

Arizona Cardinals kicker Jay Feely can probably forget about signing with the Carolina Panthers once his contract expires following the 2011 season.

The Panthers have accused Feely and others of misrepresenting owner Jerry Richardson's comments to Peyton Manning and Drew Brees during a labor negotiating session one day before the Super Bowl.

Feely, a Cardinals union rep, put it this way during his recent appearance on the ESPN's The Michael Kay Show:

"When Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Carolina Panthers, is their lead negotiator for the owners, and he’s going to criticize Peyton Manning and Drew Brees and their intelligence in our meeting on Saturday, and sit there and say dismissively of Peyton Manning, 'Do I need to help you read a revenue chart, son? Do I need to help break that down for you, because I don’t know if you understand how to read that,' that doesn't go anywhere in trying to help us to get a deal done."

Paul Kuharsky from the AFC South blog is having fun pitting Richardson against Manning and asking what, if anything, the quarterback should have said in reply. Feely's role is of greater interest in the NFC West, where contentious labor discourse is nothing new.

Also in the radio interview, Feely said NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would be "lying" if he said players have enough information about team finances.

Feely reiterated the players' contention that the NFL should open its books for teams across the league. A question: If NFL teams did make available information regarding expenses, would the NFLPA accept those numbers at face value? I think the sides would argue about the numbers even then and clash over how much profit for owners would be appropriate.