Tim Hasselbeck stirs the NFC West pot

Tim Hasselbeck's recently concluded appearance on 710ESPN Seattle generated rich fodder while Tim's brother, Matt, heads toward a possible lockout without a contract.

The familial bond runs strong. Tim, an ESPN analyst and retired NFL quarterback, might have let his emotions get the best of him when he downplayed other quarterbacks as viable options for Seattle while defending his brother.

"Marc Bulger retired two years ago," Tim Hasselbeck said at one point. "He just doesn't know it."

Tim Hasselbeck also defied anyone to tell him Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer would stand as an upgrade to Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle.

"Show me the tape," he said.

Tim Hasselbeck also predicted his brother would test free agency, a likely scenario with the collective bargaining agreement scheduled to expire later Thursday.

I'll have more thoughts on Matt Hasselbeck's situation following the ongoing NFC West chat. I'd like to discuss the bottom line: how much Hasselbeck should reasonably command on a new contract.